"Kephra is enjoying the freedom of choices available at the school.  He is more confident, and finds expressing his needs more easily.  The method used has allowed him to find school work fun.  We have noticed a huge change in his attitude towards learning. We are very happy and have confidence in the method used"

Mrs Edris Fellows

"My child has benefited from the holistic approach. Before he was enrolled at the Montessori Academy Nevis, he was unsociable and refused to participate in academic and extra curricular activities. He gets the quality individual attention that he needs and the teachers are very attentive, nurturing and loving."

Tala Webbe

"I like the Montessori Academy Nevis because I know my children are being taken care of in all matters. The teachers are filled with lots of knowledge and love. The Montessori program makes the children learn by using all their senses and I believe that if you have a child who loves school, you will have a child who wants to learn more and more."

Hedda Wienpahl

The Montessori Academy has been great our daughter Eva. She has grown from a small girl into a little lady.  She has not only learned about schooling, but also about life, family and what is right and wrong.

Scott and Fhontip Jones